SMART LC Cassette Panel


  • Very high density panel, supports up to 4 SMART LC 24 Cassette (96 fibers) in 1U of rack space

  • Simple assembly and installation: the cassettes are mounted on the panel individually

  • Single-Mode and Multi-Mode adapters available

  • PatchView™ and non-PatchView options 




PatchView™ Capability

  • Special SMART LC Cassette Panel, when used in conjunction with RiT's PatchView System, can scan the wiring center configuration and subsequently report the connectivity status
  • Patching information is displayed on the management station for cabling management and control
  • LED indicators on cassettes identify any two ports patched togethe
  • Computerized LED-displays guide the technician through performing Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) 

The SMART LC Cassette Panel is a high-density fiber optic patch panel that offers a real-time network and infrastructure management option with RiT's PatchView system. 


Utilizing the LC cassettes density, the SMART LC Cassette Patch Panel supports up to 96 fibers in only 1U of rack space, meetings the latest demands of the market for increased optical port density. 


The cassettes are sold separately and can be mounted on the panel individually, providing the user with maximum flexibility regarding the number of ports required.   


A moving tray provides built-in cable management by holding and arranging the cables. This drawer mechanism enables easy access to the rear of the panel and eliminates the need for removing the panel above. 



A special panel model can be connected to the RiT PatchView system. The system continuously scans the connectivity configuration of all the patch cords, and reports the status back to the network administrator's management station using a SNMP interface. 


RiT's LC SMART Jumper™ patch cords must be used in order to benefit from the advantages of the PatchView system. These cords, described in greater detail in the Fiber Optic Cables and Cords section, feature a duplex fiber cable and single copper wire in a common jacket, and an LC duplex connector with an extra spring-loaded copper contact. Regular LC patch cords can be used when PatchView scanning is not required. 


  • Capacity
    Supports up to four LC 24 Cassettes for a total of 96 fibers in 1U

  • Interconnection to RiT's PatchView System
    PVMax Panels– two 14-pin headers on the panel's rear is used for connection to the PVMax Scanner. Select Group B Scanner Attachment Cord according to the required length.

  • Cable Clamping
    Two rear cable entry cutouts for easy cable entry 

  • Physical

    Height 44.4 mm / 1.75" (1U)
    Width 482.6 mm / 19" (face to rear)
    Depth 240 mm (9.5")
    Weight 3.40 kg (7.49 lb)
  • Material

  • Colors
    Black with gray silk-screened markings

  • Environment

    Operating Temperature -10°C to 60°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
    Humidity 0-90% non-condensing

  • Compliance with International EMC Standards
    The SMART LC Cassette Panel is designed to comply with EN-55022,
    Class B (Europe) and FCC Part 15, Subpart J, Class A (USA) 

Number Description

SMART LC-LC 96 Cassette Panel, Chassis w/o Cassettes, PVMax

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