CenterMind G+ 32 Controller


  • Advanced controller for monitoring IT cabinets

  • Comprehensively and accurately protects facilities in real-time

  • Embedded software

  • Plug-n-Play setup

  • Built-in sensors

  • Battery backup 

  • Support 32 sensors

  • Alerts by email, email-to-SMS & SNMP

  • Customize threshold definition with easy assignment

  • Supported by CenterMind G+ Lite and CenterMind Software 


Feature Specifcations


Web Server – Built-in Yes
Number of Ext. Sensors supported 32 (8 X Analog + 16 X Dry contact + 4 X Internal + 2 X 0-5 VDC + 2 X Outputs )
Dry Contact Output Yes, 2 (0.3A@125AVC / 1A@24VDC)
Password Protected Yes
Built-in Alerts Methods Email, SNMP, SMS (via server)
POE Support Yes, 802.3af
Temperature/Humidity and Power Built-in sensors Yes
1 External Temperature, 1 door contact Included
DHCP support Yes
Reset button Restores the device to the factory default settings
Battery Backup Yes
Supported Software CenterMind, CenterMind G+ Lite


CenterMind G+ 32 is an Environment controller designed to serve network cabinets. CenterMind G+ 32 includes an integrated web-server, flexible off-the-shelf I/O interface options, and IP network interface for sending email-to-SMS or email messages.


The device is an integrated solution for monitoring and controlling virtually all network devices and environmental sensors.  

CenterMind G+ 32 encompasses up to 32 analog input sensors readings, and can be controlled either manually or automatically. In additon, CenterMind G+ 32 is used to retrieve mission critical information about irregular behavior of the environment for a cabinet in row. 


CenterMind G+ 32 is part of a complete solution that includes a CenterMind G+ Lite, as a stand-alone environment solution or as part of RiT comprehensive CenterMind software. These two management software applications include an advanced web interface (GUI) capable of monitoring multiple local and remote controllers. In addition, comprehensive reports can be generated to track and control your facility.


The comprehensive CenterMind software is a premium application that can be added to effectively support the needs of large and complex facilities. The system offers a myriad of features and capabilities, including control of any SNMP devices, such as various 3rd party controllers, power strips, IIM etc. 


Mechanical Specifications


The following are the Mechanical Specifications:


Dimensions 44.5mm H X 95.2mm D X 482.6mm W (19”)


2.8 Kg

Blue (Ral 5010)

Operating Temperature

-10C – 50C

Operating Humidity

(Non- Condensing)

5% - 85% RH

Rack/Wall/Celling brackets Included


Electrical Specifications


The following are the Electrical Specifications:


Power Source (included) 

5VDC, 1A 

Power Compatibility

110/240 VAC, 50/60Hz 



Ethernet Port

10/100 Mbps 

 On/Off Button Yes
Power Source (included)

5VDC, 1A

Supported Sensors


The following are the types of sensors that are supported:  
  • Temperature
  • Temperature/Humidty
  • Air Flow
  • Door Contact
  • Smoke Detector with Escape Light
  • Water Leakage 


Temperature sensors are supported with a range of -55 to 125C, RJ-11 included:




Temperature/Humidity sensors are supported with a range of
-55 to 125C / 0% to 100% RH, RJ-11 included:



Air Flow

Air Flow sensors are supported with 2 wires, 7.5m cable length included:



Door Contact

Door Contact sensors are supported with 2 wires, 7.5m cable length included:



Smoke Detector with Escape Light

Smoke Detector sensors are supported with 2 wires, 7.5m cable length, 9V battery included:



Water Leakage (2.5m Rope)

Water Leakage sensors are supported with 2 wires, include P/S included:



Number Description


CenterMind G+ 32 Controller including Temperature Sensor & Door Contact


Power Supply America/China


Power Supply Europe


Power Supply India


Power Supply U.K.


Power Supply South Africa


Temperature Sensor


Temperature & Humidity Sensor


Door Contact Sensor


Airflow Sensor


Smoke Sensor


Water Leakage Sensor

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