CenterMind P+ Smart PDU, 3-Phase


  • A Smart PDU that provides an advanced solution for equipment racks and other data center applications with local and remote power monitoring and environmental monitoring via an IP address.  
  • Embedded web server 
  • Two units can be daisy chained together. This enables using a single IP address  
  • Alerts can be sent via SNMP or by email if the defined thresholds are exceeded  
  • Includes a local LED input current monitoring for True RMS utilization per each branch circuit 
  • Supports up to two external Temp/Humidity sensors* 
  • Provides a reliable and economical solution for enhanced power monitoring 
  • Zero U (vertical mounting) 
  • Provides both power distribution and Branch Circuit protection 
  • 3-phase, Wye, 32A, 400Volt, 50/60Hz 
  • Input power cord: 10m long with IEC 60309 6Hr, 5-Pin, Red Plug suitable for 400V / 32A Wye Power 
  • Fuse retractors for Branch Circuit protection 
  • Fully supported by RiT CenterMind software 

* Expansion model do not support external sensors 




The CenterMind P+ Smart PDU provides reliable power distribution combined with local and remote power monitoring and environmental monitoring via an IP address.

Use the network interface to view power consumption, along with environment conditions like temperature and humidity levels via Web browser. CenterMind P+ Smart PDU provides several methods of alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded, including receiving SNMP–based alarms and email alerts.  


The CenterMind P+ Smart PDU can daisy chain two units together. The Expansion PDU uses a single IP address for different power circuits. 


The CenterMind P+ Smart PDU is fully compatible and automatically recognized using RiT’s comprehensive CenterMind software. CenterMind software offers a full DCIM solution including monitoring and management of Power, Environment, Intelligent Infrastructure using ActiveI maps and WhatIf capabilities to fully control your data center.



Input Feed 
  • 10m long with IEC 60309 6Hr, 5-Pin, Red Plug, 3P + N + G  

  • Amperage

  • Voltage
    3-phase, Wye, 400V, 50/60Hz 

  • 24 Outlets 
    • 18 X IEC C13 
    • 6 X IEC C19 

IP Access & Security 

  • Web Interface, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet 


  • SSLv3, SSHv2, Telnet, SNMPv2, FTP, SNTP, Syslog 

  • LDAPv3, LDAPS, TACACS+ and RS-232 access 


Branch Circuit Protection 

  • Meets UL 60950-1 requirements

  • UL-60950-1 rated fuse reactors 



  • Compatible with button and bracket mounting options for Vertical mounting –
    Zero U 

  • Dimensions
    1753 X 44.4 X 57mm (69.0 X 1.75 X 2.25 in.) 

  • Color


Safety Specifications 

  • cTUVus to UL60950-1: 2003 

  • TUVGS to EN 60950-1:2001

  • CE 

  • FCC Class A, Part 15 

  • EMC – EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024, CISPR 22 Class A 


Number Description


CenterMind P+ Smart PDU with C13 X 18 & C19 X 6 Outlets, 3-Phase

R3446121 CenterMind P+ Smart PDU Expansion with C13 X 18 & C19 X 6 Outlets, 3-Phase

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