PVMax Local Master

PVMax Local Master™ is a stand-alone device that manages the network and infrastructure of the organization. It combines the feature of the PVMax Master and the PVMax Scanner and is ideal for small patching sites. Connected directly to the network, PVMax Local Master scans and processes the connectivity information obtained from the patch panels and then sends the processed information to the PV4E server via the network. PVMax Local Master controls and manages the scanning algorithm as well.

There are two kinds of PVMax Local Masters:

PVMax Local Master 24 – includes 12 connectors and can support up to 24 panels
(576 ports).

PVMax Local Master 12 – includes 6 connectors and can support up to 12 panels
(288 ports).


 Interface  100Base -T  RJ-45 socket, Ethernet IEEE 802.3,
100Base Tx/10Base T, 10/100 Mbps industry standard for connection to local area network.
   5 Push buttons  Control device functionality (Replaces control pad)
LED Indicators  Power On  Indicates power state


Number Description


PVMax Local Master 12                                                       


PVMax Local Master 24                                                          


* Power cord (C13) is not included

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