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The PatchView+ Copper Frame is a high-performance, cost-effective panel that supports building a simple and modular architecture. The Copper Frame supports mixed cross-connect and interconnect network topologies with unique ID mechanism incorporated within the frame. Working together with autosense topology discovery per port, this mechanism locates each frame within the network and shows its position within a rack at all times, even after the frame has been relocated.


Each port in the frame includes two external contacts that support ID scanning, system-wide polling, and message routing to ensure unique monitoring, control, and maintenance of the system.


The PatchView+ Copper Frame supports up to 24 modular jacks. To assist technicians in monitoring, configuring, and troubleshooting, a multi-mode scan push button, Copper Frame Status LED, and a single LED above each port are incorporated in the Copper Frame.


On its rear panel, the Copper Frame includes a socket for installing a PatchView+ Card for monitoring the patch connections.


The PatchView+ Copper Frame features:

  • Supports 24 copper ports in a 19” 1U frame

  • Supports mixed interconnect and cross-connect topologies

  • Supports the Frame operation mode defined by multi-function push button and multi-color LED

  • Supports a simple, modular architecture with unlimited expansion capability

  • Supports a unique frame ID code for system-wide identification

  • Includes a socket for the PatchView+ Card installation

  • Includes two external contacts on each port of the Frame for ID reading

  • Supports a red LED on each port, which assists in visual monitoring and maintenance

  • Includes a manual scan button that enables support personnel to view system connectivity by initiating a manual port scan

  • Includes an audible buzzer for maintenance activities   


Frame Interface 
  • 60-pin edge connector (for PatchView+ Card installation)

LED Indicators 

  • Copper Frame Status LED (dual-color, green/red, LED): When used along with the Multi-Mode Scan Push button, it shows the status of individual ports on the Copper Patching Frame, as follows:

    • When the Copper Frame connection to the Controller is valid and it (the Copper Frame) is recognized by the Controller, but there is no pending task (open work order) on any of its ports, the LED is lit green.
    • When the Copper Frame connection to the Controller is valid, but the Copper Frame is not recognized by the Controller, the LED is lit red.
    • When the Copper Frame connection is recognized by the Controller and it (the Copper Frame) has a task pending (open work order) on one of its ports, the LED blinks green and the relevant port LED is lit red.
    • When you complete the task on the Copper Frame, the LED turns green and the relevant port LED turns off.  
    • When the Copper Frame is not connected to the Controller, the LED is off.
  • Port Status LEDs: Supports an LED on each of the 24 ports for visual monitoring.
    • When the Copper Frame has a pending task (open work order) on any of its ports, the relevant port LED is lit red; otherwise, it is off.
    • Also, when the task is completed, the LED turns off.

Dimensions and Weight 

  • Height: 44 mm (1.7 in.)

  • Width: 485 mm (19.1 in.)

  • Depth: 101 mm (4.0 in.)

  • Weight: 0.55 kg (1.2 lb.)


Environmental Conditions 

  • Temperature: 0–50C (32–122F)

  • Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing



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PatchView+ Copper 24 Frame                                  


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