EPV™ is an IIM solution that delivers an up-to-date real-time picture of your cabling infrastructure. 


EPV has been designed to be easy and simple to deploy and implement, and does not require any additional software or server installation.   


To learn more about IIM (Intelligent Infrastructure Management), please click here. 


 EPV constantly collects information on connections throughout the network panels and communication racks, and delivered it via a user-friendly, permission-based GUI on Internet web browsers, making it accessible wherever there is Internet connectivity.  


All connectivity changes are detected immediately, enabling the system to send notifications and real-time alerts the moment a change occurs, both to the system GUI and phone alerts and email.  


EPV is simple to install. The hardware components of the system (either an EPV Central and EPV Scout or an EPV Controller, depending upon the topology of the network) connect easily to panels in the communication racks. Once the hardware is connected to the network, EPV is ready to start providing you with the comprehensive, up-to-date connectivity information you need to manage your cabling infrastructure effectively. 


EPV Features:

  • Real-time monitoring and maintenance of connectivity status.

  • A software embedded application easily accessed via a web-browser. 

  • Simple plug-and-play setup with no software installation required. 

  • Enables generation of guided patch cord connectivity tasks. 

  • Immediate discovery of connectivity changes.  

  • Automatic email alert messages on any connectivity change. 

  • Customizable data fields allow a customer to add their own information for each link. 

  • Includes an easy-to-use search mechanism.  

  • Exports the information in a MS Excel format.

  • Utilization dashboard shows the number of available data ports and panels.

  • History of activities.

  • Username and password access.

  • English and Russian languages support.

  • Easy upgrade to RiT’s PatchView IIM.

  • Supports RiT standard intelligent connectivity components.


EPV Hardware Components:


For additional information on EPV, please contact us at info@rittech.com. 


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EPV Components:

EPV Central  

EPV Scout

EPV Controller

EPV Control Pad

EPV Round Attachment Cord

Intelligent Patch Panels

Intelligent Cords & Jumpers  


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