PatchView+ Hardware

PatchView+ Hardware is a complete range of hardware components that is part of PatchView+, the next generation RiT IIM solution. 


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The PatchView+ Hardware range works together with the PatchView+ Manager software platform to enable proactive management of the communications network.


PatchView+ Hardware is designed to support both cross-connect, interconnect and combined network topologies, minimizing the total amount of equipment required for existing and future networks.


PatchView+ Hardware comprises the minimum number of components necessary to maintain simplicity, ease of installation and deployment. 



PatchView+ Hardware Features

  • True support for the interconnect environment saves rack space.

  • Cross-connect and interconnect network topologies.

  • Patented Smart ID Key stores link information utilized by other system components (such as switch, rack, cable type, and revision level).

  • Rack light indicators and panel LED lights point technician to exact location.

  • LED signaling of make/break status.

  • High-end smart copper and fiber management frames and cassette trays.

  • Zero-U Collector installation.

  • Support for environmental and power controllers.

  • High security:

    • Auto-detection/registration of newly added or moved patch cords.

    • Audible alerts for unauthorized make/break operations.


The PatchView+ Hardware Product Family

  • PatchView+ Frame: a cost-effective panel that supports both inter-connect and cross-connect topologies.

  • PatchView+ card: a pluggable device that supports physical network identification on inter-connect and cross-connect topologies. Automatically detects and reads up to 24 smart ID devices present on each copper or fiber tray.

  • PatchView+ collector: provides communication between the PatchView+ Cards and the network system. New architecture saves on ports in the main switch and supports cascading architecture for unlimited network growth.

  • PatchView+ environment controller: connects the PatchView controller to temperature and humidity sensors.

  • Trays.

  • Jumpers and cords.


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About the PatchView+ IIM Solution


PatchView+ Hardware Components: 

PatchView+ Frame 

PatchView+ Trays 

PatchView+ Cords 

PatchView+ Environment Monitoring 

PatchView+ Collector 

PatchView+ Card


PatchView+ Software Component: 

PatchView Manager 


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