Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) is a solution for managing network infrastructure that bridges the gap between the physical network layer and logical layers 1 & 2.  


IIM enables companies and organizations to monitor and control all network components and provides a full view of each device, including status, physical location and connectivity to other network components.  


Using this data, IIM enables to identify critical points of failure in the network more quickly and at a much earlier stage; points of failure that without IIM are often only discovered when they cause downtime. IIM automates work processes such as MACs (moves, adds and changes) and work orders, thus eliminating human error and reducing maintenance costs. IIM also conducts precise provisioning of equipment, optimizing asset management and lifecycle management, and ensuring full utilization of all IT assets – down to the last switch port. 


RiT Technologies is the pioneer of IIM, and the current market leader, both technologically and in terms of the number of systems deployed. In the last two decades, we have deployed thousands of IIM systems in forward-thinking organizations throughout the world. 


Key Features of the RiT IIM Solutions:

  • A comprehensive real-time view of the network by proactively scanning all network components, including cabinets and IP-connected devices, and pinpointing their exact location and status at the rack, cabinet, room, building and site; enabling a real-time up-to-date view of the complete network, no matter how complex or globally distributed.

  • Monitoring and alerting: RiT IIMs immediately sense threshold deviations and/or unauthorized connections/disconnections, and send out full detailed alerts that enable IT to resolve issues before they escalate into downtime.

  • Improved work processes: RiT IIMs automatically plan and generate work orders, guide technicians to error-proof execution, and update the database automatically upon completion. A mobile/tablet application further streamlines work processes. Human error is reduced, and network maintenance is quicker and more efficient.

  • Major cost savings: RiT IIMs reduce downtime, increase work efficiency and optimize asset utilization, resulting in considerable savings.

  • Added layer of security: by guarding the network from unauthorized connects, disconnects, moves and changes, RiT IIMs add an extra layer of security to mission critical communications networks.

  • Integration with external systems including BMS, billing, and services management systems enables to leverage RiT’s IIM capabilities (such as real-time physical location and connectivity status) for purposes such as strengthening data center Infrastructure management


For details about the PatchView+ IIM solution, please click here.

For details about the PVMax IIM solution, please click here. 


To learn more about the RiT IIM solutions, please contact us at info@rittech.com 


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