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The new High Density copper and fiber cabling solutions by RiT Technologies address the pressing need of data centers and communication rooms to save space and energy, while providing top performance that support on high bandwidth applications.

The advanced architecture of the RiT range of HD products frees up much needed space and provides important advantages, including:

  • A modular and flexible design for easier installation and management. For example, tool-less front and back cable installation, sliding components, easy pull-lock mechanism, snag-less cords and improved access to patch-cords.

  • Reduced installation time.

  • Easier moves, adds and changes.

The RiT range of copper and fiber HD cabling solutions adheres to the following standards:
  • ANSI/TIA 568 - C.2.

  • ISO/IEC 11801 2.1 edition.

  • CENELEC EN50173 (2007) for Category 6A/CLASS EA.


RiT SMARTen Copper HD Solution


The RiT SMARTen range of copper HD products supports Category 6A (10Gbps) and includes:

  • Panels supporting 48 Ports in 1U chassis.

  • SMARTen Category 6A HD keystones:

  • Slim design, tool-less installation, C/H level.

  • Krone or 110 termination tools may be deployed.

  • Fully shielded.

  • Connecting Hardware level.

  • Suits a wide range of adapters.

  • A full range of horizontal cables.

  • A full range of snag-less patch cords.

SMARTen Cat 6A HD Keystone

HD Keystone Modular Panel


RiT SMARTen Fiber Optic HD Solution

The RiT Xlight range of fiber optic HD products supports LC-LC and LC-MPO, MM and SM applications and includes:


  • Panels:

    • 1U - Horizontal – supports up to 5 cassettes and 120 fibers.

    • 2U - Vertical – supports up to 12 cassettes and 288 fibers.

  • LC-MPO Cassettes:

    • LC – LC Splice.

    • LC – MTP (MPO).

    • 24 fibers (12 LC duplex) version.

    • LC adapters with internal shutter.

    • Super IL per LC-MPO cassette – IL<0.5dB.

  • A full range of fiber accessories.

  • Slim fiber cords.

  • A wide variety of fiber cables.

  • Easy pull-lock mechanism.

  • Integrated labeling including the metal door.

  • Easy Migration to 40/100Gbps.

  • MPO plate (8 adapters) suporting 12/24 fibers per adapter.


SMART Xlight HD Solution
1U - Horizontal - 120 fibers

Super IL per LC-MPO

Xlight HD Solution
2U Vertical - 288 fibers

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