PatchView Xlight MPO Jumpers


  • Designed for PatchView applications
  • Connectors are compliant with FOCIS-5D standard
  • Fully compatible with 40G and 100G* IEEE 802.3 applications
  • Available with two fiber in several options depending the IL grade mechanics and
    fiber types
  • The Jumpers  are comprised of 12 tight buffer fibers and an additional 28 AWG copper wire housed within a unique construction cable
  • Multi-Mode models are provided with an white colored cable and Single-Mode models are colored blue
  • Available in several lengths 

* For 100G applications two cords may be in use 


The PatchView Xlight MPO Jumpers are available in different types: 

Fiber Types: 

  • Multi Mode 50/125 µm OM4 (backward compatible with OM2 and OM3)  
  • Single Mode 9.3/125µm

IL Grades:  

  • Standard  
  • Super IL


Compatibility Options: 

  • Pinned  
  • Unpinned   


Each end is terminated with a high performance MPO connector and a spring loaded electrical contact housed within the same plastic jacket.  

When inserted into the Xlight MPO 24 fiber optic tray port with PatchView capability, both optical and electrical connections are simultaneously created. The copper connection allows RiT's PatchView system to scan all the wiring center's fiber optic connections, and report the connectivity results to the network administrator on-line and in real-time.


* For 100G applications two cords may be in use



Cable Jacket 

Multi-Mode models are colored white and Single Mode models are colored blue (RAL 5015). 


Constructed of an aramid yarn fiber reinforced halogen-free compound material. The compound is specifically formulated to be fire retardant, and when exposed to high temperatures, emits non-toxic, non-corrosive gases (halogen-free) and low amounts of smoke.

      Flame Retardant           Complying to IEC 60332-3C     

      Smoke Emission            Complying to IEC 61034  

      Acid Gas Emission         Complying to IEC 60754



F/O MPO CABLE 12 FIBERS[(SM 9/125) / (OM4 50/125)] TIGHT BUFFER + 1X28 AWG LSZH [ ] METER [+Batch No.]



The Jumper meets the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.3 requirements.


Flammability Tests 

IEC 60332-3C, IEC 61034, IEC 60754


Cable Dimensions 3.2 x 4.1 mm (+0/-0.1) mm
Max. Tensile Strength - Short Term: 220 N
Max. Tensile Strength - Long Term: 150 N
Min. Bend Radius for Installation: 15 mm
Min. Bend Radius for Operation: 16 mm
Repeated Bending 10,000 cycles
Operating Temperature -25 to +75 °C
Storage Temperature -25 to +75 °C



Multi-Mode Single-Mode
Standard IL 0.2dB Typical,
0.60dB Max
0.25dB Typical
0.75dB Max
Super IL 0.1dB Typical,
0.35dB Max
0.1dB Typical,
0.35dB Max
Numeric Aperture 0.200±0.015
Core Diameter 50±2 μm 8.9 ±0.4 μm
Clad Diameter 125±1 μm 125±0.7 μm

Number Description


PatchView Xlight Jumper, MPO-MPO,12, MM, OM4, Xm   


PatchView Xlight Jumper, MPO-MPO,12, MM, OM4, Super IL, Xm

R3352xxx PatchView Xlight Jumper, MPO-MPO,12, SM, Xm
R3355xxx PatchView Xlight Jumper, MPO-MPO,12, SM, Super IL, Xm

xxx – denotes length in cm. available lengths are: 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m.

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