SMART LC-MPO 24 Cassette



  • Comprises 12 duplex LC adapters at the front and 2 MPO adapters at the back, supporting 24 fibers in each cassette
  • 4 cassettes fit 1U of rack space
  • Pre-assembled 12 LC adapters, 2 LC-MPO 12-fiber fan-outs (see below for additional polarity information) and 2 MPO adapters
  • Full IL and RL test reports are included 
  • Rear rubber MPO protective bracket 
  • External 20-pin PatchView™ connector offers a real plug-and-play panel  
  • PatchView and non-PatchView options 





PatchView™ Capability (for panels with cassettes) 

  • Special SMART MPO Cassette Panel, when used in conjunction with RiT's PatchView System, can scan the wiring center configuration and subsequently report the connectivity status
  • Patching information is displayed on the management station for cabling management and control
  • LED indicators on cassettes identify any two ports patched together
  • Computerized LED-displays guide the technician through performing Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) 

The SMART LC-MPO 24 Cassette is part of the SMART LC-MPO cassette panel high density solution, and supports up to 96 fibers in only 1U of rack space. Special cassettes also offer the option of real-time physical network management with RiT's PatchView system. 


The LC connector as an interface for patching and the MPO connector for connecting horizontal and trunk cables on the back of the cassette are fast becoming the answer to the market's demand for increased optical port density. Utilizing the density of the MPO cassettes solution on one hand and the MPO connectivity on the other hand, provides the best solution for data centers or dense communication room for saving space.  


The cassettes are sold separately and can be individually mounted to the panel, providing the user maximum flexibility regarding the required numbers of ports.  

A special model of the cassette can be connected to the RiT PatchView system. The cassette is automatically detected by the system when mounted to the panel. The system continuously scans the connectivity configuration of all the patch cords and reports it in SNMP to the network administrator's management station. 

The certified cassette is supplied fully preassembled with LC-MPO fan outs, LC Adapters and MPO Adapters. 

RiT's LC SMART Jumper™ patch cords must be used in order to benefit from the advantages of the PatchView system. These cords feature a duplex fiber cable and single copper wire in a common jacket, and an LC duplex connector with an extra spring-loaded copper contact. Regular LC patch cords can be used when PatchView scanning is not needed.


  • Front Interconnection (patch cord side)
    12 LC duplex adapters  
  • Back Interconnection (cabling side)
    2 MPO adapters.  
  • Interconnection to RiT's PatchViewTM System
    Special 20-pins connector on the back of the cassette is used for connection to the SMART LC-MPO Cassette Panel.  
  • Indicators (PatchView models only)
    12 port identification indicator LEDs are located on the front panel. Connected ports are indicated by a pair of activated LEDs. A single port can be identified and the corresponding LED activated by a remote control command from the network management station.


  • Physical

    Height 42.5 mm / 1.67"
    Width 105 mm / 4.13"
    Depth 150 mm / 5.9"(face to rear including
    MPO bracket)
    Weight (including adapters and packaging):
    0.5 kg (1.10 lb)
  • Material
    Steel with plastic front panel
  • Colors
  • Environment

Number Description
R4297764 SMART Xlight Cassette, 24, LC-MPO, OM4, Super IL, PVMax
R4297784 SMART Xlight Cassette, 24, LC-MPO, OM4, Super IL, Ceramic, PVMax
R4297714 SMART Xlight Cassette, 24, LC-MPO, SM, Super IL, PVMax

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