SMARTen STP Jumper Cable

  • 100 ohm, foiled and shielded jumper cable
  • Four individually foiled twisted pairs and an additional 26 AWg control wire at the center of the cable for PatchView applications, with an overall braid-shield
  • High performance, supportable bandwidth up to 500 MHz according to IEEE 802.3an 10Gbps
  • Specified up to 500 MHz
  • Conforms to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10, ISO/IEC 11801 2.1 edition and CENELEC EN50173 (200x) latest drafts for Category 6A/CLASS EA



The SMARTen STP Jumper Cable is a 100 ohm, double-shielded cable, designed for high data rates for indoor installations. The cable is housed in a blue, PVC or HFFR jacket with a braided shield, and includes four individually shielded twisted pairs. An additional 26 AWG flexible, insulated conductor at the center of the cable serves as a control wire, which carries the PatchView scanning signal. As a result, scanning does not interfere with the data signal-carrying pairs.  





  • Basic Wires
    Conductor: eight wires, stranded bare copper, 7 x 0.16 mm (26 AWG)
    Insulation: foam skin, polyolefin, 0.98±0.02 mm OD. 
  • Control Wire
    Conductor: one wire, stranded bare copper, 7 x 0.16 mm (26 AWG)
    Insulation: solid polyolefin, 0.78±0.02mm outer diameter, colored red. 
  • Pair Construction
    Four pairs, each pair wrapped in polyester-aluminum foil (metal face outward), providing 100% coverage. 
  • Pair Color Codes (2 wires/pair)
    Blue/white, orange/white, green/white, brown/white. 
  • Pair Arrangement
    Four pairs cabled together around the control wire. 
  • Overall Shield
    Tinned-copper braid (providing 65% minimum coverage), laid in close contact with a 26 AWG stranded, tin-plated, copper drain wire. 
  • Overall Diameter
    6.0±0.2 mm. 
  • Outer Sheath
    Blue RAL 5015 soft HFFR compound, with black printing. 
  • Printing
    RiT R3267000 SMARTen STP SMART JUMPER CABLE 100-ohm CATEGORY 6A/ Class EA 4xF (2x26 AWG) + 1x26 AWG S/STP [ ] METER [+ Batch No.].  


  • DC Resistance
    Max. 145 ohm/km at 20°C. 
  • Resistance Unbalance
    2% max. at 20°C.
  • Mutual Capacitance
    43 pF/m nominal at 1 KHz.
  • Capacitance Unbalance
    1500 pF/km max. at 1 KHz (wire to ground). 
  • Impedance
    100 ±15W at 1 to 500MHz. 
  • Voltage Rating
    30 V rms. 
  • Dielectric Strength
    700 VAC/one minute min (wire to wire).
  • Transfer Impedance (Zt) (Shielding Effectiveness) 
    10 m ohm/m max. at 1-30 MHz.

Number Description


SMARTen STP Jumper Cable, LSZH, 300m Reel   

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